Marrakech tourist transport

To take full advantage of your visit to the city of the “one thousand and one nights”, you must find out about the modes of tourist transport offered, to choose the one best suited to your expectations. The success of your trip also depends on the tourist transport you plan to adopt, and informing yourself beforehand allows you to save your time and go directly to the mode of transport you are looking for.

touristic Bus 
The tourist bus is the famous red bus that you see everywhere in Marrakech! This mode offers the discovery of the city in a convertible bus, a guide accompanies the passengers throughout the journey, stops are planned according to the circuit, to inform tourists about the heritage of Marrakech and the history of certain monuments, made by the different dynasties that have succeeded one another over the reign of the city, all without sparing the humor of the Marrakech guides and the anecdotes shared throughout the course!

Original means of transport  
There is an ecological, relaxing and original means of tourist transport in Marrakech: The horse-drawn carriage! The merrakchia carriage attracts the interest and curiosity of all visitors to the red city. Ideal for taking a nice walk around town or in the palm grove to the rhythm of the holidays! This means offers relative comfort, in summer the carriage drivers close the folding hood to protect passengers from strong sunburn, this mode of transport can also be very uncomfortable at noon in the event of very high heat (which is always the case in Marrakech), some passengers do not feel comfortable there because the seats do not all have soft benches. The horse-drawn carriage carries a maximum of 5 people, and the ideal time to start rides with it is at the end of the day!

Getting around in the medina    
If you wish to explore the medina of Marrakech, it is strongly advised to do so on foot, to avoid traffic jams. Use a paper guide or city map to get to your destination. For the old medina do not venture into the alleys, ask the shopkeepers all along your way so as not to get lost, however if you wish to take a walk in the old medina, it is best to be accompanied by a official guide.

Taxis Marrakech
Taxis remain a good alternative for traveling in comfort, in complete safety and at a reasonable price. For your transfers, if you are located anywhere in the imperial city, you can ask for the small "beige" taxi to provide your shuttle, before your departure, ask to activate the meter, it starts at around 1.60 DH during the day and around 2.40 at night, i.e. a 50% increase compared to the daily rate for a trip, small taxis throughout Morocco carry a maximum of 3 seats!
If you wish to visit the tourist regions of Marrakech, the large taxis (Mercedes 240) will be at your disposal, you must go to the taxi rank and find out about the price charged for sending to any destination. Large taxis carry a maximum of 6 people, you are free to pay an extra seat if you are looking for more comfort!
Before entering any vehicle, check the availability of the yellow badge containing the taxi number, on the outside of the vehicle. Be aware that large taxis only leave after loading the last passenger.

Professionals in Marrakech offer other more practical and better organized services, such as new reservation centers and fast taxi services on request. If you opt for this kind of service, you can adapt your transfer to the number of people accompanying you, organize shuttles and private trips according to your travel needs, a comfortable shipment in quality and well-equipped vehicles, possibility of stop where and when you want, and pre-arranged taxi or tourist car transfer rates! This kind of service saves you from haggling, from having to wait in taxi ranks and from the clumsiness of unqualified drivers.

If you want a personalized taxi transfer in Marrakech, you can communicate your need to the service concerned and request a fixed quote for your transport.