How we operate

Is what TAXISMAROC is present on all Morocco?

At the present time, we are present on almost all Morocco. We cover all the big cities as well as the principal road axes. Now if a request leaves our proposals, we make very to satisfy our customers.

Are the animals allowed? Dog or cat.

Yes, if they are smalls.

Which are the advantages of passing by TAXISMAROC?

ALL, a simplicity of reservation, a rate established upon the departure, a simple and made safe payment, recent vehicles with qualified drivers, a network on all the Moroccan kingdom, not of limitation on the number of people.

Do the drivers speak English?

Yes , All drivers speaks English.

Then I to choose my route?

Yes, if it does not add kilometers with the initial way, if it differs from much, it there a supplement will have.

Is there a supplement for the luggage?

Not, if we are warned and if it does not have exaggerations.

What TAXISMAROC proposes of the excursions?

Yes, we have several possible excursions and escapades (see the proposals on our site). You can also create your own excursion, we will answer your request.

Does TAXISMAROC make transport of group?

Of course, that could be with several vehicles if the group is important, to see a provision of coaches.

To how much people, I can book at TAXISMAROC?

We do not have a maximum, each case is studied so as to be able to bring a solution as well in price as of possibility of transport.

is the difference between TAXISMAROC and the large Moroccan taxis?

First of all taxismaroc transport is privative, you are in full safety, with recent tourist vehicles, air-conditioned, driven by qualified drivers. Finally our rates are established and final as of your reservation. If you travel with children, our vehicles are equipped with seat baby. Whereas the large taxis are collective and the same services and warranties do not offer.

How can I be sure that my reservation is taken into account?

TaxisMaroc, forwards to you under 30 minutes, a confirmation by e-mail and sms, taking again all the elements of your reservation, the name of your driver and his phone number.

Is this possible to book a tourist transport for one day in Casablanca?

Completely, it is possible in all the Moroccan cities. It is enough for you to specify the number of people. This system is very often employed by the businessmen or the families which wish to have their independence.

How can i reserve a tourist vehicle?

You can book by telephone to the +212627795675 or on our site TaxisMaroc.

How does I find the driver of our taxi to the airport?

On your arrival, the driver expects you with a panel bearing your name.

If my flight is slow?

Our drivers expect the arrival of your flight, delay or not.

Our vehicles

Are the vehicles air-conditioned?

Yes, our tourist transport as our minibuses is air-conditioned.

Do your vehicles have seats children?

Yes, but specify it with the reservation.

Are the cars smokers or not smokers?

According to goodwill.

Which kinds of vehicles are proposed by TAXISMAROC?

TAXISMAROC places at your disposal of the vehicles of the Mercedes type 220 E, Minibus Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Hyundai H1, 4×4 Mitsubishi. They are tourist vehicles in an impeccable state being able to transport from 1 to 17 people.

Rules and Cancellations

How do I pay TAXISMAROC ?

Several possibilities are offered to you, by PAYPAL or with a credit card on our site, in secure payment or directly with the driver at the end of the race.

Which is the exchange Euro/Dirham?

Simplest, for conversion is to make 1 Euro for 10 Dhs.

Can I pay the driver in euros?

Yes, on the other hand the exchange will not be advantageous forcing.

Do I risk something by paying TAXISMAROC by CB

Not, since this regulation is secure.

Tip or not tip?

It is with goodwill of the customer, but never obligatory.

If I want to cancel my reservation?

It will be enough for you to warn us 12h before your race and you will be refunded entirely.

Do I pay the same amount if we are 1,2 or 3 people?

In Morocco, tourist transport has an operating process different from that of Europe. Namely that the rates are made from 1 to 3.4 to 6.7 to 14 and 14 to 17 people.

Does TAXISMAROC apply the same rates the day as the night?

Not, the prices of TAXISMAROC are marked up of 25% on the night charges (either of 20:00 to 6:00 of the morning). It is much less than the Moroccan classical increase which is of 50%.

For foreigners

Then I to come to Morocco with a simple identity card?

If you come in group with a turn operator, if not the passport is obligatory.

Which is the best moment to come to Morocco?

That depends of course on your destination. But in general, the best moments are Mars until the end of October. Certain destinations are preferable with the mi.saison, the Sahara for example.

Is that i can i drive with a foreign license

Yes you can drive with a foreign license.


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